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Mission Statement

With the number of sports enthusiasts continuing to grow year after year - so has the number of bettors. As the industry continues to boom it has yet to see consistent winnings backed by defining data. Statistics can show us anything, and we have found that 95% of bettors are losing bets regularly. These are the same people who continue to look for for someone or something able to give them advice and enable a enjoyable yet profitable sports betting experience.

Our company is all about giving bettors the opportunity to make profits and act rationality when they approach alternative markets such as the betting or cryptocurrency sectors. We also think our products aligns perfectly for the digital trading sector - in the future, we would like to apply our technology to the this industry to provide investors with the data they need to profit from trading.


We developed INVICTUS as the first AI-based sports betting tool able to give expert betting advice to bettors all over the world - transforming bets into investments.
Our sports betting algorithm uses the "Wisdom of the Crowd" statistic approach ( and machine learning to identify the best betting options among over 2000 events per week, suggesting also how to combine them to maximize results. With over 100,000 users we have created a sports betting platform that offers users both intelligence, stats, and features to enhance their betting capabilities and win real money. Equipped with customized bet types, risk indicators, bankroll management, and bet archives - Invictus is the top expert betting advisor in the world. Thanks to Invictus you can always keep track of your bets, know the best odds on the market, and receive artificial intelligence based off data analysis provided by the activities of over 100,000 bettors around the world.


  • Freedom to add events to your ticket without limits

    At any time users have the ability to add or remove bets from their bet slip. This gives punters freedom and personalization

  • Performance and Historical Bet Records

    INVICTUS is the first betting tool that enables bettors to keep track of their bet slips and be more aware of their performance relative to win rates and many other critical statistics to help you make more informed bets.

  • Risk Indicators

    Our sports betting advisor uses data from over 150,000 bettors to specifically define the risk of individual or parlay bets. INVICTUS will help sports bettors understand the value of bets and better judge how much to wager based on the given odds.

  • Line Shopping in real time

    One of the most efficient strategies in online sports betting is finding the best odds across multiple sportsbooks. INVICTUS automatically analyzes odds across hundreds of online sports books to efficiently provide users with the most valuable odds for individual or parlay sports bets.

  • Access to Top Tipster Predictions

    As mentioned before INVICTUS scans the bets of over 150,000 tipsters worldwide. Using wisdom of the crowd, our algorithm accurately predicts sports bets on popular markets like football, tennis, and basketball.

  • Quota comparator in real time

    Users can quickly find the best bookmaker bonuses by entering their desired wager amount and INVICTUS will calculate potential winnings. This helps bettors efficiently manage their betting bank roll.

  • Professional betting statistics tool

    Have every betting tip every needed at the palm of your hands. Users can easily view and assess their betting statistics to easily identify which areas need improvement. It is best for sports bettors to stick to one or two leagues because it is hard to keep track of anymore. INVICTUS sports betting algorithm provides users with the data they need to become a betting expert.

  • Unbeatable stream of forecasts

    Both the INVICTUS bet stream & generator provide users with a unlimited stream of bets for football, basketball, tennis, and motor sports. Bettors thrive on endless opportunity and that is exactly what we provide.


We were founded in Italy but from the very beginning we decide to act as an international company. Operating in a worldwide sector made sense because throughout the world sports enthusiasts are looking to accurately predict sports outcomes on a daily basis. Invictus has solved this problem by providing bettors with data driven analysis to advise on both betting options and bookmaker location. In just one year we launched our service in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and the UK and have no plans of stopping here; we want to revolutionize the betting sector.